Flower Bed Maintenance

The rigorous weeding and cleaning required to maintain beautiful plant beds can be a breeze with our team of professionals.

One of the best ways to give the exterior of your home a professional touch is by maintaining beautiful flower beds. However, sometimes maintaining a healthy garden bed can be easier said than done. We know that not every homeowner has enough time to keep up their garden all year long, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to enjoy beautiful nature and flowers outside your home. We can provide expert flower bed maintenance services to ensure that your home is an impressive sight.

We can help you prevent or take care of the following:

  • Regular Weeding sessions

  • Invasive weeds

  • Compacted soil

  • Wilted plants

  • Sloppy garden bed edges

We adapt to your needs and as such weather it is a one time visit of a scheduled weekly weeding visit, all is possible with the team at Go Green Lawncare. Some clients require a seasonal visit and pre-planning the spring, summer and autumn visit can be a great stress reliever.


As seasons change, it is important to make sure your lawn and landscaping are taken care of. Spring is the best time of the year to schedule yard clean-up services. We can help you get your lawn and landscapes looking their best for this season and the next. Our spring yard clean-up services will prepare your property for the summer ahead!

We customize our seasonal yard clean-up services to your specific needs and ensure you get the personalized grounds care services you desire – whether that be tree trimming, lawn clean-up, or garden bed care. We are here to help you enjoy a season-ready property without ever having to lift a rake or start a lawn mower

We offer a range of spring clean-up services:

  • Lawn clean-up

  • Yard clean-up

  • Mowing and edging

  • Clearing composting debris, branches, and clutter

  • Re-seeding damaged parts of your landscape

  • Fertilization treatments

  • Tree and shrub pruning and trimming

  • Planting flowers and garden maintenance


Seasonal preparation is required to ensure your fall clean-up routine makes all the difference for your landscape looking beautiful, orderly and ready for winter. We can handle all your yard clean-up needs like raking up leaves to putting down fertilizer—so that your lawn is ready to go for next spring

When the temperatures start to drop, cleaning up your lawn can be a miserable activity, That is why it is important to schedule fall clean-up before the winter comes.

Examples of Fall Clean-Up Services :

  • Clearing out annuals

  • Handling post-emergent weeds prior to seed dropping

  • Mulching with leaves and leftover grass clippings

  • Taking care of fertilization

  • Raking up and composting leaves

  • Cleaning up any branches, trash, or waste

  • Trimming hedges and cutting grass