Since 2009, Go Green Lawncare has been providing the Prescott-Russel and Ottawa-Carleton areas with high-quality, beautiful landscaping design and lawn care.

Celebrating our 10th year of business, we are venturing with new collaborators and partners to expand our professional services and become your specialize service provider for a rapidly growing need for local gardening and landscaping expertise.

We are proud local landscaping, lawncare and maintenance contractor that offers unique landscaping designs, professional quality lawn & garden care and winter snow & ice removal services.

As a family-based, independent business, we pride ourselves on being a part of the community in which we work. We offer excellent bilingual customer service and a very unique approach for “going green”. Our clients get to know all of our team members by name. Our references will confirm that we are honest, reliable, dependable and provide prompt courteous service.


Our newly formed environmental collective consciousness is a present and important factor which affects our decisions, choices and actions. The advent of Climate change is bringing real modifications to our weather patterns, temperatures and rain fall – all of which are facts that we can no longer ignore.

“Going green” is often attributed to extreme choices related to holistic, natural and eco-responsible day to day life choices. We at Go Green believe that even though those “extreme choices” are great aspirations and potential goals, one must remember that, realistically, those goals are much more culturally achievable thru the careful integration, attainable changes and slow habit modification to one’s daily life.

A successful incorporation of these values resides within how a home or business owner views their outdoor space surrounding their dwelling. We need to modify our perception from looking at our “yards” and see them for what they truly should all be considered: “green space.

There are many little changes that can be done to better your surrounding green space:

  • Adding strategically placed trees to create shade, windbreakers and bird habitat

  • Incorporation fruits and nut producing trees and shrubs within your existing landscaping

  • Including native/indigenous flowering plants to help out pollinators

  • Developing fruit and vegetable garden beds that are multifunctional for your family and your neighbourhood

  • Modifying the layout of plant beds to maximise water use and seasonal growth

  • Creating natural flowering gardens to benefit hey bees and the placement of a small hive in your backyard

  • Designing a multipurpose garden that can shared with a backyard chicken coop and/or rabbit hutch

  • Maximise your compost and water recycling systems professional guides towards going green