Trees & Shrubs

Tree and shrub maintenance is all about pruning, trimming, thinning, deadheading and hedging.

With the advent of climate change, increasing tree planting has never been so relevant and important. But not all tree species can be placed anywhere. Specific species have particular requirements and such are more adapted to various conditions. Let the experts at Go Green Lawncare help you plan for a greener future.

All trees require work and should be seen as an essential part of your landscaping and lawn care maintenance. If you are not giving your trees and shrubs the care and attention they need, they could suffer from diseases, no longer be structurally sound, and suffer other damages. To keep your home’s outdoor area beautiful, shady, and valuable, make sure you schedule regular tree work.

Trees are a valuable asset to your property. When they grow and flourish, they can develop your landscape into a mature and lush environment, adding
value to your home and making your outdoor area all the more enjoyable.

We offer different types of Tree ans Shrubs services including :

  • EXISTING TREE EVALUATION — Helps determine the health of your tree, what type of care may be needed

  • EARLY GROWTH CARE — Provides your tree with nutrition and care during the tree’s early growth stage.

  • SEASONAL CARE & PEST CONTROL — Helps control unwanted pests such as mites, scale, lace bugs, and aphids so that your trees stay healthy.