Ever wished to have an expert take a stroll with you in your garden and obtain sewers to your question. Our consultation services can help you with your gardening and landscaping queries.

Some clients refer to our consultation sessions as “Walkthroughs’, others call them “Advice Meetings” but we tend to consider them more “individualized conversations”. Basically, that is what they are; an attentive, dynamic and interactive conversation. These days Ressources and reference materials are numerous, varied and sparse which is why believe that our in person consultation sessions are beneficial to all.

Either a quick hourlong chat or an entire day’s walkabout, since our sessions are based on an hourly rate we advise all our clients prior to the consultations session to prepare their questions in advance and take their own notes during the consultation session. Sketches can be drawn for some areas in order to facilitate visualization and reminders. These hand rendered or conceptual sketches will summarize the consultation and is an option for clients with smaller gardens or in need of a planting plan for a small to medium size space.

General Consultations

These days, a rapidly growing trend amongst gardeners is to bridge the gap between knowledge and experience. The two are not exclusively mutual
and as such our professional consultations sessions are a very popular service we proudly offer.

General consultation sessions can include all aspects of horticultural information. Many owners just need help to redo or reset priorities for their green
spaces. One can learn about planification, fertilizing, pruning, transplanting, identification of plants problems and problem areas.

General Consultations subject can be general and as varied as :

  • Questions about your tree’s and lawn’s health

  • What should be planted in your vegetable garden ?

  • What type fo fruits trees could be planted in a specific area ?

  • Recommendations for native plants within your plant beds ?

  • How can a gardening issue be rectified ?

  • How to eliminate a garden pest ?

  • What is this tree / shrub / plant / flower ?

  • How can I increase my “Curb-appeal” ?

Design consultations

Out team of professional designers will work together for you. During our on-site visit, we will discuss your needs for your yard, garden and greenspace in order to help you identify a personalized goal. A stroll through the grounds will allow us to grasp the nature of the space we are dealing with, which in turn can give you an idea what changes and additions will be possible based on the level of maintenance you are comfortable with, the amount of sunlight in your yard and its type of soil

During the in-person consultation, we will approach the planning process in a series of uncomplicated steps:

  • A feel for your property, answering immediate questions and seeing if your vision is achievable

  • How to make the best use of space; recommendations to add or modify the green space

  • Developing a chronological plan to facilitate the series of projects and botanical requirements

  • Establishing a framework and creating viable long term solutions