Developing your ideal landscape that fits with your lifestyle starts with a professional on-site consultation.

Developing your ideal landscape that fits with your lifestyle starts with a professional on-site consultation. This is our opportunity to sit down with you and discuss your ideas, review your existing outdoor space and create a collective solution towards your gardening goals.

We may pride ourselves with our creative planning ideas and ecologically innovative solutions but what remains most import to us is understand your requirements, limitations and needs. We encourage you to bring your ideas, thoughts, examples of design concepts, and we can work together to develop a plan that fulfills your vision and fits with your busy lifestyle. Our goal is to ensure you can spend more time enjoying your backyard and less time maintaining it!

Most people already have their landscaping aesthetic , garden and plant beds set up. But more and more often, homeowners wish to have a consultation session with a professional in order to have a conversations and what can be modified based on the current status of the property. Consultations need to be in person and especially on site, as it permits the professional to ascertain the specificities of the site in question:

  • Sun exposition and soil quality
  • Space and growth requirements
  • Municipal and regional restrictions

Seasonal Colour for Your Landscape

Making sure your landscape adapts properly to the seasons can seem simple, but it takes a lot of thought, planning, and work. If you want your garden bed to pop with just the right colour throughout the seasons, you need our landscaping professionals on the job! We can help you do more than jus plant the right flowers and plants—we can help you craft an exquisite design and perform proper installation to ensure you can enjoy a healthy, flourishing garden in all seasons.

Residential Landscape Designs

Designing a beautiful landscape takes effort and planning. Our experts whom are trained in horticulture and design can help you craft an outdoor space that suits your preferences so that your lawn and garden become an extension of your home.

Landscaping Renovations

Your landscape should reflect your preferences and style. Our team can help renovate your current design all while incorporating your existing features such as:

  • Stonework / pavers

  • Aquatic features including fountains and ponds

  • Patios / Decks

  • Fence Installation

  • Flowering gardens

  • Landscape lighting

  • Decorative plants

  • Shrubs / Trees

  • Environmentally sustainable buildings / infrastructures

  • Retaining walls

Landscaping with native plants

If you’re looking for a landscape filled with good looking, easy-to-maintain plants that are well adapted to our climate, then native plants may be your best bet. Trees, shrubs and flowers that occur naturally in our surroundings are, generally speaking, better adapted to local climate and soil conditions and more resistant to local disease and pests than are the more highly bred, exotic species.

On the whole, native plants requires less of your time and money to maintain as they do not receive any extra moisture or fine manicuring in the depths of the forest! Because of their adaptations, native plants stand a greater chance of healthy, strong growth than most hybrid species.

If you’re looking to attract birds, butterflies or other wildlife to your garden be sure to include lots of native plants in your landscape. A Environmental Forestry Technologist with a specialization in Wildlife management is a proud member of our team of experts and is always available for consultations as well.