Trees Removal

Some large trees, with age, can become a dangerous hazard. Professional help is just a phone call away.

Considering whether or not to have a tree removed is always a tough decision. It may be dead, diseased, or posing a hazard to your surroundings. If you have made the decision to have your tree removed, Go Green Lawncare can help. In addition to our team of tree removal experts, we are lucky to have an Environmental Forestry Technologist as part off our team who can suggest a replacement tree appropriate for your environment and landscape preferences.

The most commonly performed technique in order to remove a larger tree involves removing all of the top branches on a tree as our team of experts encounters them descending form the top of a tree. When we thinned out the canopy of the tree and reach the mid portion, a felling cut is made and the upper portion of the trunk which falls to the ground. The arborist team then begins to cut and push sections of wood from the trunk, letting them free fall to the ground below. We then continue until the remaining trunk is short enough to be safely felled.