Property Maintenance

Weather commercial or residential, a professional Groundskeeping team is ideal for all types of gardens and properties.

Property maintenance services should be considered as an integral part of any professional property. Whether your facility is large or small, the overallcurb-appeal and upkeep maintenance should never be neglected. If you’re a busy commercial property owner or landlord, we offer workable solutionsto help preserve the professional caliber of all your green spaces. As property maintenance services providers we can act as caretakers andgroundskeepers responsible for the look and quality of your property in order to maintain the condition of your property in a beautiful and professionalmanner.

Our property maintenance services can provide for Residential including townhouse condos, Commercial and the Municipal sector.A clean appearance and luscious landscaping is not a feeble accident. It is the culmination of careful scheduling, detailed work and most importantlythe passion to treat all landscapes like if they were our very own. We understand that when your business’ property looks clean and well-maintainedthat your customers, employees and tenants feel more confident that they can trust your services.

Most service contracts begin as soon as the ground has thawed and ends before the snow.

A extensive analysis of the grounds, including the needs and requirements of the client are clearly defined as the custom contract is created. The work begins in spring with initial steps to ensure a clear and concise work flow for the following summer months. Pruning, trimming and transplanting is usually followed by plant bed up-keep such as planting, landscaping and mulching. Weekly or bi-weekly lawn and weeding are determined on an individual process as each property has different needs and requirements. Additional maintenance services can be allocated per requests and requirements of the property

Examples of maintenance services :

  • Grounds Maintenance – Paths, lawn and flower bed upkeep, weeding and maintenance

  • Plant Bed Edging : defines the edges of your garden beds and grass areas, keeping them clean and sharp.

  • Garbage and debris clearance : ensuring that your space looks clear and professional at all times.

  • Mowing : commercial mowing services are high-quality, offering precision and efficiency lawncare

  • Pruning and trimming : Keeping your trees, shrubs, and bushes clean, healthy and well-shaped.

  • Cleared walkways : Walkways, sidewalks, and pathways are regularly cleared and cleaned